Voice and Communication Coaching

Louise Collins

E: info@louisecollinsvoice.com

Selected Case Histories



Trained a group of scientists who regularly give talks on the TV and radio on their particular specialisms. Material was simplified by ‘chunking’ information using pause and gesture. In this way complex processes were rendered coherent and the audience was allowed space to engage. Vocal energy was maintained until the end of the sentence/clause. Vocal range was practised for energy and dynamism and the use of the media involved was taken into consideration in terms of technique, content and delivery. Storytelling was introduced as an approach to making complex information accessible and engaging and to elicit a more emotional responsive from the audience.

Trained, together with a journalist, a group of senior executives in Crisis Media. My role was to provide modules in managing one’s state, credibility, vocal energy and tone, presence, body language and answering difficult questions. I also worked one to one with each delegate, coaching on pace, vocal range, credibility, conciseness, pause, shorter sentences, gesture, stillness versus being natural, articulation and accent reduction.


A group of fund managers from an investment services company required more impact and influence at board level. Vocal energy was increased through working on resonance, range and volume. Group dynamics was introduced to understand how groups work and the optimum time to introduce an idea and be heard. There was one delegate whose voice was particularly harsh sounding and who had received feedback that he was too pushy. We worked on decreasing nasality and laryngeal tension. Presentation skills were practised with particular emphasis on taking control of the space instead of overly relying on props or slides.



Prepared a psychologist for an expert interview on Bloomberg TV after he had received some media training from a journalist. We worked on managing his nerves, limiting beliefs, authenticity, vocal energy, timing and linking breath, thought and word.


Coached head of HR in a leading London hospital. Her objective was to be able to deliver complex reports in a logical, coherent fashion at board meetings. At the same time she also wanted to create an enthusiastic package that would get buy-in. The length of sentences was reduced; pause was employed to create bite-sized pieces of information in logical sequence; vocal range was extended to create enthusiasm; more resonance was created for the voice. All these factors resulted in creating greater presence, credibility and audience engagement.

Coached a senior executive of an investment bank seeking to do the impossible and communicate with an uncommunicative and power-driven superior. The client looked at his communication approach which was constructed around building relationship whereas in this instance a credible, direct, task orientated approach was more beneficial. The credibility of posture, voice, gesture, logic and silence was practised. Physical presence was increased as was the ability to manage one’s state under pressure. Delivering difficult messages in a way that left the his credibility intact and separated him from the message further increased the client’s ability to manage his boss and maintain his position and status.