Voice and Communication Coaching

Louise Collins

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Voice Coaching

Voice coaching usualy takes place on a one to one basis. However, there can be a maximum of three people in any one session.

It is impossible to describe a typical voice coaching session since everyone is unique with different presenting issues and outcomes. Nonetheless, most voice coaching will include breathing techniques, body release work and alignement and working with the apparatus of vocal production; the latter including the resonating areas of the body, the organs of articulation and phonation (the action of the vocal folds to the flow of breath).

Very often people may decide they need voice coaching because they feel they do not look and sound confident. Their voice may not be working at its optimum and they want to work towards a resolution. Others may come because they have professional objectives that they do not feel they are achieving to their satisfaction and this may be causing them stress at work.

Whatever the reason, it is an exciting and empowering journey to unravel what stands in the way of you and your voice!