Voice and Communication Coaching

Louise Collins

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E: info@louisecollinsvoice.com

Louise Collins: London Based Voice Teacher and Executive Communication Coach

Voice development training courses and dedicated one-to-one coaching for both individuals and businesses in London and UK.

Following my work with Louise, I now feel much more confident presenting internally and externally. People have commented about my new found ‘poise’ – this in turn has improved my confidence further. Many thanks for your help.

I would absolutely recommend Louise to anyone. Even the most effective communicators would benefit from her techniques.

Body Language

Communicating your inner world via the voice, language and the body is part of the magic of being human: being able to communicate what is important to you can sometimes require a complex set of skills. Body language and posture help define and clarify you and your message.

Building Confidence

Increase you physical presence and become aware of the language you use. Handle ‘nerves’ in even the most challenging of situations. Create the impact, influence and dynamism you desire and transmit the truth of who you are.

Voice Coaching

Voice coaching removes the blocks that stand between you and your voice, thus allowing your voice to be a vital expression of who you are.  Find your vocal power and learn how to commit to your words easily and confidently.

Media Training

Whether being interviewed on TV or radio, presenting to a specialist audience or to the public, the effectiveness of your message is governed by your voice, behaviour and authenticity.